Risk Management is a method for identifying risks in all areas, and developing and implementing a plan to protect an organization and prevent loss.  An effective Risk Management program consist of these four basic steps:

  • Assess, identify, analyze, and prioritize potential risks.
  • Select methods to prevent loss.
  • Implement the best methods.
  • Monitor the results and revise as necessary

Risk Management Plan

GASC is committed to protecting its human, financial, and goodwill assets and resources through the practice of effective Risk Management. The Board of Directors and Risk Manager are dedicated to safeguarding the safety and dignity of its volunteers, its players, and anyone who has contact with the organization. To this end, the Board will insure that GASC has a Risk Management Plan for the organization that is reviewed and updated periodically.

General Policies

Consistent with Indiana Soccer and US Soccer, GASC has a  policy of zero tolerance toward any type of abuse: 1)  All coaches must pass a mandatory background check. 2) Coaches are encouraged not to place themselves in a vulnerable situation with any child.  Coaches are encouraged to select an assistant coach or manager of the opposite sex), 3) A coach should avoid being alone with any player in a car unless it is due to a safety issue such as lightning, 4) The club has a zero tolerance of harassment of spectators, coaches, referees, and players.  5) A reporting procedure is in place for any incident of physical and/or sexual abuse.  Any allegation should be immediately reported to the club by email or telephone.  The matter will then be reported to the president of the GASC board.

GASC follows federal and state law.  Any allegation of sexual abuse of a child must be timely reported to the club president and the registrar immediately and the GASC will immediately investigate the same. You should also report abuse to the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) or law enforcement.  If you suspect or know of child abuse, sexual assault, or other maltreatment, call the Indiana Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-800-5556.

Risk Management Resources

Medical Release Form

Liability Waiver