Coach Information

The following information is provided to assist coaches and assistant coaches with the GASC rules, code of conduct and how to identify and treat injured players.

Age Division Rules:

Team Roster {Provided by Division Commissioner}
Team Practice Schedule {Provided by Division Commissioner}
Team Game Schedule {Provided by Division Commissioner}
Team Picture Schedule {Provided by Division Commissioner}
Picture Forms (enough for all players) {Provided by E.Meyer Photography}
Sample Team Welcome Email
Coaches Code Of Conduct
Parents Code Of Conduct (enough for all parents)
Players Code Of Conduct (enough for all players)
Indiana Soccer Cold Weather Recommendations
Indiana Soccer Hot Weather Recommendations
Goal Safety
Lightning Guide
Coaches Safety Checklist
Concussion Protocol
Concussion Action Plan
Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches
Dehydration Facts
Injury Protocol
Sample Age Appropriate Practice Plans