The tool we use to monitor weather conditions is When possible, decisions will be made before 4pm.

Heat Policy

Specific Guidelines

Heat index of less than 100 degrees

  • No restrictions

Heat index of 100-104 degrees

  • Workouts should be shortened.
  • 5 minute water breaks every 15 minutes at the minimum

Heat index of 104+ degrees

  • No outdoor workouts

TOPsoccer Heat Policy

Heat index of 95+ degrees

  • No outdoor workouts

Cold Policy

Specific Guidelines

Wind chill under 32 degrees

  • Consider postponing training or contests to a time when the wind chill is higher, especially for younger players.

Wind chill under 10 degrees

  • No outdoor workouts

Lightning Policy

  • All training will be suspended immediately when lightning is detected within 10 miles. All players and coaches should retreat to cars.
  • Wait for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike in the 10 mile zone.