Entry level referee classes (USSF grade 8) are being offered through-out the State.  Anyone 12 years and older who are interested in becoming a soccer referee needs to take this class.  Once licensed, they are able to officiate soccer anywhere in the USA.


If you want to see currently available classes go to:

Once registered, you must complete all the modules prior to attending the one day classroom portion.  The modules can be done in multiple can stop and go as often as you want.  Do not leave these modules to the last minute as they will take you some time to complete.  

Contact Person/District Referee Administrator:Stephen Chalko - [email protected]

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me 


Stephen Chalko

DRA District #13


GASC Referee Assignor:   

Tom Pomeroy 


[email protected] 

Click below to see upcoming Referee Clinics:
Indiana State Referee Committee

Re-certification Class

The re-certification class in Greenfield is scheduled for Sunday Dec 16th in the basement classroom at Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield. This is also for those whom wish to upgrade from Grade 9 to a Grade 8.

To register:
    Go to
then under the "Ref" tab select Referee Clinics
Look for Greenfield site  and it "Register here"
this will take you to the Gotsoccer site - Use your gotsoccer information to log in to register.