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Welcome to GASC Recreational Soccer (Tigers FC)


Register on-line now for the Spring season!  Looking forward to seeing you on the fields.

Note:  We schedule 7 games during the season.  **In the event we have full teams during late registration, you child will be waitlisted until we have an adequate number of players to form addition teams.  Please also consider helping to coach.  This could present a great opportunity for you and the children whose lives we touch.**

What is Recreational Soccer?

Recreational soccer represents the largest program GASC offers. While many of our young athletes move on to play in the StrikersFC Academy competitive soccer program and then to USF Real premier competitive soccer, They all learned their basic soccer skills here in TigersFC recreational soccer.

The recreational league is designed to assure equal playing time, teach the game of soccer and the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.  These are values that they will use for the rest of their lives.  In addition, the opportunities to make friends and engage in a sport with lots of continuous activity.

Is it competitive?

Our TigersFC recreational league are non-competitive that scores and standings are not kept except at the older age levels.  However, we still encourage a level of fun competition between teams resulting in entertaining games.  Our League Commissioners work hard to assure that teams are evenly balanced with regard to experience and age which results in exciting and friendly competition.  This allows players to experience real-game situations to show what they have learned from their coaches without concern of having to win games.

What are the age brackets and the cost?

The club has six leagues:  5U,7U,9U,12U,15U and 19U. The “U” stands for “Under”,  see the table below to determine the league,  ball size and cost, of your player(s): during registration our system will automatically put your child in the proper division based on the registered birthdate.


        Birth date Between      


  Size of Ball 









 8U2012 $70.00 4






2008- 2009








2001 - 2004



Why am I asked to volunteer for the concession stand or pay an "Opt Out" fee?

During registration you will be asked to sign up to help with the concession stand.  We depend upon the income from the concession stand to maintain one of the lowest league costs in the area.  As a result, 3-4 hours of your time during the season is needed.  You may opt-out of working the concession stand by paying a $25 "opt-out" fee which is the cost of using paid staff to assure adequate service to our customers. 

Note to Parent Volunteer Coaches:  Parent Volunteer Coaches who volunteer their time toward helping assure a good soccer experience, are not required to work the concessions stand or pay the "opt out" fee.  

What if I want to coach?

Our league is ran exclusively by parent volunteers which assures that our league’s costs are among  the lowest in the area.  We always welcome volunteers to teach both soccer, and game playing, skills.

Coaching recreational soccer is fun and rewarding.  It is a great opportunity to work with young players teaching them values that they will carry throughout their lives in addition to teaching them a great sport of soccer.  We provide a wealth of training material, complete practice sessions, and more for those who would like to coach.

I’ve never coached before.  I would not know where to start.

You were never a professional player?  Not even a backyard player?  Not a problem.  We have coaching clinics and website information that will help you plan practices, learn the rules of the game and help you throughout the coaching process.  In addition, we have a league director and commissioners that are experienced coaches that can help you plan, and carry out practices.

What if I can’t practice on a certain night?

We make it easy to work around your schedule.  If you have a particular day that you cannot practice (or prefer to practice), place that information in the comments.  Also, if you have a coach that you particularly like, need to carpool or cannot play games on a certain weekend time, indicate it in the COMMENTS section of the registration.

When do the practices and games start and end?

Coaches will meet 2pm March 10, 2019 @ Nine star connect on East 40 passed the BMV and John Deere dealership.   After that time, they will begin contacting players to let them know about practice times.  Coaches will  start practices as early as  March 11, 2019so that they have at least 1 practice prior to the first game.  The first games will be the weekend of April 12,2019

I want my child to play but I’m not sure I can afford it. 

GASC wants to give an opportunity for all children to experience the wonderful sport of soccer and the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie, teamwork and sportsmanship skills that come with it.  The club regularly has fundraisers to help raise money to assist those who may have some financial concerns at the moment.  If you need some financial assistance, we can help.  Click on this link to get to a form to request financial assistance.  When you get to the forms page click the "Application for Fee Assistance" Adobe file and fill out the form.

I don’t like using the Internet to pay.  Is there another way?

In today’s environment, we recognize that some people are uncomfortable putting credit card information on the Internet.  You can mail payment to the following address:

1547 North State St. #185 
Greenfield IN 46140

Make checks payable to “GASC”.

My child has never played soccer before and is a little older, will (s)he do okay?

Absolutely!  Every season, we have new players arrive who have never experienced the game.  Our coaches help them individually and they quickly learn to play, often at the same level of more experienced players, depending on their ability to master some basic fundamentals. 

What equipment do I need?

Shin Guards:  Required for all leagues

Soccer Cleats:   Recommended for all age divisions (although not required)  Please note that soccer cleats are not the same as baseball cleats.  Soccer cleats lack a                                  cleat in the very front (toe) area of the shoe.

Ball:   You should have an appropriate sized ball for your player.  Not all coaches can provide a ball and players like to practice with the same size ball as they use at home.

Jersey and Socks:  Both are provided to you by the league.

Shorts: Provided by the league.(New!)

Water Bottle:  Required

What about practices and games?

5U,7U,9U and 12U have practices once per week for an hour.  15U and 19U have practices once per week for 90 minutes. 

All of our divisions play games either on Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Games generally run for 60 minutes but coaches often ask that players be at the field 15-30 minutes before a game to warm-up and practice.

I want to sign-up, what now?

Follow these simple steps:

1.        From this site, click on the following link if you already have an account (have played soccer in Greenfield) or create a new account if your child has not played                    before.

2.       After you have an account, click on the following link.

3.       Fill out the information for your player.  Be sure you are signing up for  Recreational Soccer.

4.       Note:  our club depends on parents to volunteer to keep our costs in line.  Our concession stand is one of the primary methods by which we raise money to control our costs.  In the past, the league has been forced to rely on paid personnel because of a lack of parent volunteers.  You are required to volunteer for the concession stand or as a coach or assistant coach.  If you do not wish to volunteer your time, you will be charged a $25 opt-out fee in order to compensate the club  for any paid personnel.  Please indicate what volunteer position you wish to fulfill.

5.       Finish with the payment page and you are ready to go!  Enjoy the season!

What if I have more questions?

We will be glad to answer any questions that you have.  Please contact our league director, Tom Pomeroy at [email protected]