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Winter Play Scheduling

2024 Winter Play Programming Schedule
*all times are subject to scheduling adjustments





5u-6u Indoor



Memorial Building

7u-8u Indoor



Memorial Building

11u-12u Futsal




13u-14u Futsal




9u-10u Futsal




15u+ HighSchool Futsal




*adjusted 2/25/24
Events start Jan. 19/21 to March 8/10, 2024

**Important Info***

No Cleats....we will play on a hardwood court
Indoor soccer shoes or regular play (tennis) shoes are desired
Shin guards are required

No shoes worn outside should be worn on the courts, especially during poor weather (snow, ice, salt, rain)
Please bring a change of shoes
This is for the safety of the kids when playing, and helps maintain a clean court.

In the event of inclement weather
Call the soccer hotline 317-335-4275

T-shirts are provided

Cost: $55

All leagues are coed

Winter Play Program (Indoor and Futsal)

***Updated Dec 10, 2023***

News for Winter 2024

Coed Winter Soccer season in January and February for ages 5u-14u and High School 15u+.

The benefits of indoor/futsal soccer are known around the world.  The renowned Brazilian game is heavily influenced by small-sided soccer thus creating some of the most skilled and technical players in the world.  First touch, passing, vision and composure (confidence) on the ball in tight spaces help build a technical base that can be learned at the youngest of age. 
GASC has been teaching indoor/futsal soccer for nearly 20 years.

Powered by Snow Moon Futsal Club
With National Futsal and Grassroots Futsal diplomas, our licensed and certified staff of coaches, bring extensive experience to the development environment

This fun-encouraged and skill development-based program is designed to build a "Love for the Ball" as Ball Mastery techniques are introduced and built upon at an individual basis  A ball on every foot, helps build confidence and creativity in your young athlete, at not only the physical level but at the mental level.  The group training is referred to as Academy format, where all athletes learn and train together, for a peer learning environment. That is the dynamic idea that athletes at different levels will learn, work and teach together and from each other.  The great program benefit is that "teams" are always available to mix and match rosters.  It will provide game conditions that will promote challenges and competition that is development- based and not result-based.  This training and game philosophy is how it works great for combining the recreation and/or travel players alike.

Indoor Soccer
The game is played off-the-walls, and has constant action with very few breaks in play.
This keeps both the player and spectator totally entertained.
The small sided game provides: more touches, team work (passing), fitness and agility 

Because the ball does not go out of bounds very often and play is continuous, players don't even realize the amount of fitness they are getting by playing indoor soccer because they are having so much fun doing it!
u5/u6 (2019-2018)
u7/u8 (2017-2016)

Indoor Soccer League plays at the Memorial Building on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons.

The game is played on a court surface with no walls. 
Ball control keeps the action going in-bounds. 
Goalkeepers are added and along with the Ball Mastery skills, speed and agility, decision making and passing and receiving are added to your athletes tool-boxes. 
As well as the "finishing touch" of power, accuracy and technique to hit that ever-seeking GOAL!!!!! 
The rules (Laws of the Game) and tactical ideas and formations of Futsal are taught to help round out your whole experience.

u9/u10 (2015-2014)
u11/u12 (2013-2012)
u13/u14 (2011-20010)
u15+ High School (2009-2004)

Futsal League plays at the Greenfield-Central Junior High School (G-CJHS) gym on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons.

Winter Soccer 2024 program
Starting January 19 & January 21.
Season ends on March 8 & March 9.
Reminder: There are no weeknight sessions.
QUESTIONS? [email protected]

2023 Winter Soccer Program

Winter Soccer Locations

Click here for Mapping/Directions

Memorial Building
100 East North Street
Greenfield, Indiana 46140
Gym located at main entrance

Greenfield-Central Junior High School
1440 N Franklin St,
Greenfield, IN 46140
Gym located at back (Westside) of building.