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About Our Club

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Greenfield Area Soccer Club [GASC] is a not-for-profit, positive youth development organization helping young people achieve their full potential and through participation in the sport of soccer discouraging them from engaging in risky behaviors.

Since 1992, the Greenfield Area Soccer Club has provided a quality soccer program for the benefit of the boys and girls of Hancock and surrounding Counties that promotes a safe environment to foster their growth of self-worth, provide a sense of belonging, promote and create supportive relationships with peers and adults, while having fun, and developing an appreciation for the game of soccer.

GASC’s programs provide both youth and adults with responsibilities and meaningful challenges that provide opportunities for skill building at all skills levels and abilities. We offer Recreational soccer, Academy soccer, Soccer camp, Adult leagues, TOPSoccer, and a 5K


Greenfield Area Soccer Club mission is to provide a positive youth development program aimed at helping young people achieve their full potential, encourage a safe environment to nurture growth of self-worth, provide a sense of belonging, the creating of supportive positive relationships and through a quality soccer program, preventing them from engaging in risky behaviors. 


Our vision is to prepare the children of our community for the future by providing them a path to develop self-worth and self-confidence. Instill upon them the importance of community involvement, and provide them a vehicle to achieve their personal goals. 

The club intends to achieve these purposes by developing and encouraging youth to become leaders in the community via our junior board members, internship programs with club directors, design and develop youth and special needs soccer programs. Provide a sense of community though giving back to the community via our outreach programs. We encourage them to develop self- confidence via our Referee training and coaching programs. 

Six Core Values

Integrity - We conduct ourselves with uncompromised honesty, honor, ethics and integrity in all situations, events and relationships - and we especially model this value for the youth of our club.

Development - We develop players, coaches, referees and parents to maximize the potential, skill and lifetime love of the game for ALL members.

Fun - We create an environment that allows the game to be played in a fun, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Fairness - We treat all members fairly and consistently in all aspects of operations, decisions, policies, and practices.

Sustainability - We lead and conduct our operations and activities to enable long term stability, viability, and growth for the club

Teamwork - We promote, encourage, foster and practice teamwork, both on and off the pitch, to enable the success of the players, coaches, referees, and parents.

Offered Programs

The primary objective of the Recreational program is to enable players to learn the game of soccer in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best soccer players they can be, while maintaining a healthy approach to competitive soccer.
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  Junior Academy:
The Jr. Academy Program is a developmental training program for recreation level soccer players ages 7-8 who are looking for the next step.
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Academy soccer is a small sided developmental program for 9-11 year old players. At this age it is extremely important for players to master the skills and fundamentals needed to progress in select soccer at the older ages. Winning games is not the focus of the Academy and while games will be played, no standings will be kept throughout the season.
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  Winter Indoor / Futsal:
The benefits or indoor / futsal soccer are known around the world The renowned Brazilian game is heavily influenced by small sided soccer thus creating some of the most skilled and technical players in the world..
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  3 v 3 Summer League:
3v3 offers fewer players on the field so each player has more opportunities to touch the ball, using and improving their soccer skills..
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If you have questions or special requests, please email us at [email protected]

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