Greenfield Area Soccer Club (GASC) is a non-profit organization providing families of our growing community the environment to enrich their lives through the soccer experience. GASC was founded in 1992 and the purpose of the organization was to provide an opportunity for children to learn the sport, develop their skills and have fun with the game of soccer. Under the leadership of our board of directors and coaches, we hope to continue to grow all of the facets of our club!

Today GASC has over 2000 participants and is the first organization to be awarded the Indiana Soccer 5 Star Certification.The TigerFC Recreational program offers fall, spring and winter (indoor) soccer for ages 2 1/2 through high school. The StrikersFC Academy program offers a higher level of competitive soccer.

Our sponsorship program offers a variety of opportunities for local and national companies wanting to get the attention of the almost 70,000 residents of this growing east Indianapolis suburb. GASC has soccer fields at Brandywine Park located in Greenfield, Indiana. We aim to support our sponsors by offering different packages and customization based on the sponsors needs. 

For sponsorship inquiries contact [email protected]

KEEPER – Full Year Advertising $2,000
MIDFIELDER– Season of Advertising $1,000

  •     Banner of fence (approx. 3’ x 2’)
  •     Company name on Shirt (Rec League / Approx. 600 kids per season)
  •     Website Front Page
  •     Newsletters (Email letters, over 800 families)
  •     Announcements (Flyers)
  •     All other external club correspondences
  •     Plaque with GASC Logo for your business
  •     “Proud Sponsor of GASC” Door Cling for your business


STRIKERS – Full Year Advertising $750 
DEFENDER –Season of Advertising $400

  •   Company name on Shirt
  •   Website Front Page
  •   Newsletters
  •   Announcements


LEAGUE $500 (Adult League, TOPSoccer, G.A.S.C. XC 5K, and Soccer Camp)

  •   Banner of fence (approx. 3’ x 2’)
  •   Company name on Shirt (Approx 100 adults per season)



  •   Mesh Banner at front entrance to park (3x5 or larger) = $500 per year
  •   Mesh Banner on Fence Line by fields (3x5) = $500 per year
  •   Frame Banner by game fields (2' x 4') = $300 per year
  •   Mesh Field Banner under Field Number sign = $300 per year


  •   Menu Board Rotation $300 per year


  •  Website Home page $500 per year


  •   Donate cash/equipment to GASC to help curb the cost of field and equipment


  • Enable those that are less fortunate to participate in soccer by donating to the scholarship fund.



If you have questions, please contact:

Kelsey Jones

Director of Marketing & Sponsorship
[email protected]