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GASC Awarded 5 STAR Club Status

Posted: Feb 20, 2020

Greenfield Area Soccer Club is delighted to have been the first organization awarded the Indiana Soccer 5 Star Certification.  Indiana Soccer introduced the idea and concept of the 5-Star Program in 2018. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure legal corporate compliance and increase the capacity and quality of member clubs. Member Clubs and leagues are invited to elevate their performance in a few fundamental areas in order to meet the criteria established to earn "stars" in those areas. Once a member club or league has reached all 5 stars, they will be recognized and promoted for being a 5-STAR CLUB or 5-STAR LEAGUE.

Greenfield Area Soccer Club’s decision to work toward Indiana Soccer’s 5 Star Certification demonstrates their commitment to continually improving their programs and services. To become 5 Star compliant, The GASC Team underwent an extensive club-wide audit that included Risk Management identification and mitigation of threats to the organization as a whole, Education and Training documents and procedures review, an assessment of the organizations purpose / mission aligning with Indiana Soccer’s and U.S. Youth Soccer’s purpose / Mission, Policies and procedures review on how the organization communicates with participants, and the community and an extensive review of the organizations bylaws, policies and procedures and verification they are in good standing with the State of Indiana, U.S. Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer, and Indiana Soccer.

Gaining 5 Star certification reinforces GASC’s relentless focus on creating industry-leading programs and services, measured against benchmarks of youth development excellence.

“I have been working with Michael Reeves (immediate past president of GASC) since the fall on this project. Once Michael and the Greenfield club staff dug into this project, they worked hard to get it completed. Indiana Soccer is proud of GASC and happy to celebrate them as the first club that made the full investment in this important program!” Angel Hall, 5-Star Program Director, Associate Director - Indiana Soccer.

“It is truly an honor to recognize Greenfield Area Soccer Association for their commitment to ensure sustainability; to increase the club’s service capacity and the club’s purposeful commitment to be a professional and valuable member of their local community.” – Dave Guthrie, Executive Director – Indiana Soccer

“Greenfield Area Soccer Club is delighted to have been the first organization awarded the Indiana Soccer 5 Star Certification. A standard, ensuring organizational processes related to programs and services that meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system.” - Michael Reeves, immediate past president, GASC

To learn more about how your club can become a high performing 5 Star Club in Indiana, please visit our program website.   https://www.soccerindiana.org/programs/5-star-club-program/)  

About Greenfield Area Soccer Club

Every day, since 1992, GASC has been a not-for-profit, positive youth development organization helping young people achieve their full potential and through participation in the sport of soccer discouraging them from engaging in risky behaviors

GASA has provided a quality soccer program for the benefit of the boys and girls of Hancock and surrounding counties that promotes a safe environment to foster their growth of self-worth, provide a sense of belonging, promote and create supportive relationships with peers and adults, while having fun and developing an appreciation for the game of soccer.

For more information about Greenfield Area Soccer Club, please refer to their website www.greenfieldsoccer.org 


Club Announcement

GASC President Nominated and Awarded the 2015 Indiana Soccer Administrator of the Year.

Posted: Feb 20, 2016

The recipient of the Administrator of the Year Award gives an extraordinary amount of time and energy to the game of soccer. The recipient should be a positive role model for other volunteers. This administrator may assist a team, club, league or the state organization.

I am delighted and Humbled by the nomination from my peers at GASC and Indiana Soccer. I am delighted to have been awarded the 2015 Administrator of the Year award from Indiana Soccer. However, my team of board members and volunteers deserve the honor of this award also.

We have made a lot of success stories at GASC, I know we have many more to create.



Club Announcement

Mike Starks– Nominated and chosen to be on of the final four candidates for Indiana Soccer's Girls Recreational Coach of the Year Award

Posted: Jan, 2014
he Indiana Soccer Recreational Coach of the Year award recognizes the extensive time and energy they have given to the game of soccer, their community, and their local soccer club. These recipients dedicate their time and efforts to recreational soccer.  Mike has been a positive role model for other volunteers and the youth in our community. He promotes participation and fun to the players, as opposed to winning and losing.  Players and peers view Mike as an influential role model, a person who is in the game for the kids to have fun andcreates a positive playing environment

Mitch Broome– Nominated and chosen to be Indiana Soccer's TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year Award

Posted: Jan, 2014

The Indiana Soccer TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year award recognizes the person that has gone above and beyond when working alongside athletes with exceptional needs in the TOPSoccer program. Mitch has been a positive role model for other volunteers and the youth in our community along with the impact he has made with his TOPSoccer exceptional needs athletes.




Club Announcement

Jerry Caldwell – Finalist for the 2012 Indiana Soccer Boys Recreational Coach of the Year Award

Posted: Jan, 2013
His positive, “can do” attitude inspires the players and the parents alike.  No matter what the situation, Jerry maintains a positive outlook. He is a highly requested coach that the parents regularly want to teach their children.   He maintains not just the highest standards of teaching the game but also maintains coaching as a fundamentals approach—the players need to know the skills of the game and can excel in those.  Jerry assures that those skills are conveyed to the players.  Players, in turn, like his positive approach to their skills training and the reinforcement that he gives.  One of his regular approaches is, during hot-weather practices and games; he makes sure that “Popsicles” are available to the kids.  He gives selflessly to them.

Dave Bradley – Finalist for the 2012Indiana Soccer Boys Recreational Coach of the Year Award

Posted: Jan, 2013
Dave Bradley has served as a coach in the Greenfield Area Soccer Club for many years.  He continually is a popular and requested coach with players and parents.  He excels in his ability to communicate the fundamental skills of the game and this reflects in not just his popularity among players but in his players’ performance. Dave has always been able to communicate effectively with all skill levels, works diligently with those players who are not as skilled and brings them to a higher level on a consistent, season by season, basis.  He demands excellence from his players, but does so in a manner that is both compassionate and directed.  He epitomizes the word “teacher” along with being a coach.

Greg Russel – Finalist for the 2012 Indiana Soccer Girls Recreational Coach of the Year Award

Posted: Jan, 2013

Greg Russell has served as both the U-15/18 coach and its commissioner for many years.  The league began as a small segment of the Greenfield Area Soccer Club with just a few players.  He has managed to grow the league into what is currently one of our larger groups

Greg also gives selflessly to mission trips to Haiti where he works with children there on soccer programs, regularly extending his teaching skills to them.  Within the past month, he formulated the idea of taking stored uniforms, cleats and trophies to Haiti to give children who lack not just shirts, but cleats (as the players not only play barefoot but do so in stones) to help these children further enjoy the game.

Charlie Joyce – Winner of the 2012 Indiana Soccer TOPSoccer Buddy of the Year Award!

Posted: Jan, 2013

The recipient of this award is honored as the person that has gone above and beyond when working alongside athletes with exceptional needs in the TOPSoccer Program.  Charlie has fundamentally developed our TOPSoccer program and has taken the initiative to promote our TOPSoccer program to the community via different outreach programs.

Charlie has organized and developed relationships with our local FUSE organization (Families United for Support and Encouragement) to help bring our TOPSoccer program to as many families as we can reach.

Charlie takes pride in recruiting Buddy’s for our TOPSoccer program and works with them to pass along the knowledge he has gained from the past two TOPSoccer coaches clinics he has attended. Charlie coaches the kids in an Academy style format where at first we are working with everyone as a big group. He will always take the time to work individually with either an athlete or a buddy to make sure they are performing the correct soccer move. Charlie makes sure that even the littlest athlete gets a chance to have the ball and get a shot on the goal.

Charlie not only is the our TOPSoccer coach but has spent his time as a Board member on both Greenfield Area Soccer Club and USF Real boards, is the Assistant Fields manager for Greenfield Area Soccer Club and is the Travel director for USF Real soccer club. As you can see, his time and energy is spread pretty thin, but nothing will let him miss a TOPSoccer event.

Howard Green – Winner of the Indiana Soccer Highest Award… The J Fredrich Good of Soccer Award!

Posted: Jan, 2013

The recipient of this award has made a significant contribution to youth soccer in the state of Indiana over a long period of time. The effect of this person’s dedication will be seen for years to come.  This award is also given to individuals that give extraordinary effort to a specific event or program over a relatively short period of time.

Howard is a founding father of our soccer club 20 years ago. He has worked hand in hand with the Greenfield Parks and Recreation department to secure our future in Hancock County.  Howard has had and continues to have such an impact within Hancock County that the city of Greenfield recognized his dedication to the youth of Hancock County by officially dedicating our Field 6, our best lighted field, as the Howard B. Green field.

The passion Howard has for developing the youth into not only great soccer players and great referees is only matched by his drive to give them the experience to develop life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.

Howard has been involved in many different roles, he has held every position in the club; President, Treasurer, Referee Assignor, Travel Director, and uniform coordinator. He has coached both the recreational and travel programs and loves to referee both as well.








Indiana Soccer Selects two coaches as final Candidates for Coach of the Year!

Greenfield Area Soccer Club is very excited to announce that two of its coaches have been selected as final candidates for Indiana Soccer Coach of the year.
David Conner has been nominated and selected as final candidate for Indiana Soccer Girls Recreations coach of the year.
Neal Sincgo has been nominated and selected as final candidate for Indiana Soccer Girls Travel coach of the year. Congratulations to both coaches on a job well done!



Indiana Soccer named Coach Chris Broome 2009 Boys Travel Coach of the Year!


Coach Broome is the assistant coach for the U12 Boys StrikerFC team and is currently serving on the GASC Coaching Committee.  When you seen Coach Broome out on the fields please tell him Congratulations for this high honor.  GASC is very proud to have Coach Broome working with our players. 

Way to go Coach Broome!

GASC Board of Directors and Coaching Committee.