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Feb, 2020

GASC Awarded 5 STAR Club Status

Indiana Soccer introduced the idea and concept of the 5-Star Program in 2018. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure legal corporate compliance and increase the capacity and quality of member clubs. Member Clubs and leagues are invited to elevate their performance in a few fundamental areas in order to meet the criteria established to earn "stars" in those areas. Once a member club or league has reached all 5 stars, they will be recognized and promoted for being a 5-STAR CLUB or 5-STAR LEAGUE.

Greenfield Area Soccer Club’s decision to work toward Indiana Soccer’s 5 Star Certification demonstrates their commitment to continually improving their programs and services. To become 5 Star compliant, The GASC Team underwent an extensive club-wide audit that included Risk Management identification and mitigation of threats to the organization as a whole, Education and Training documents and procedures review, an assessment of the organizations purpose / mission aligning with Indiana Soccer’s and U.S. Youth Soccer’s purpose / Mission, Policies and procedures review on how the organization communicates with participants, and the community and an extensive review of the organizations bylaws, policies and procedures and verification they are in good standing with the State of Indiana, U.S. Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer, and Indiana Soccer.

Gaining 5 Star certification reinforces GASC’s relentless focus on creating industry-leading programs and services , measured against benchmarks of youth development excellence.

About Greenfield Area Soccer Club

Every day, since 1992, GASC has been a not-for-profit, positive youth development organization helping young people achieve their full potential and through participation in the sport of soccer discouraging them from engaging in risky behaviors

GASA has provided a quality soccer program for the benefit of the boys and girls of Hancock and surrounding counties that promotes a safe environment to foster their growth of self-worth, provide a sense of belonging, promote and create supportive relationships with peers and adults, while having fun and developing an appreciation for the game of soccer.

For more information about Greenfield Area Soccer Club, please refer to their website