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May, 2020


Dear Greenfield Area Soccer families,

We would like to thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this time of uncertainty. Throughout the months of quarantine our Board of Directors, in collaboration with our club partners, have faced difficult decisions to ensure the safety of our athletes and families. As Indiana moves forward with the Back on Track plan, we are excited to move forward with our return-2-play.
As Indiana's Back on Track Stage 3 begins, you might wonder what it will look like to return to the soccer fields, and if it will be a safe environment. We have provided guidance for you below. 

Indiana Soccer Assoc. has implemented a detailed plan with protocols and guidelines and allows her clubs to Return-2-Activity.  This plan then leads to Return-2-Play.

Return-2-Activity is still No-Contact and social distancing.  This is a tough challenge for soccer players.

IMPACT Soccer just completed its first week of Return-2-Activity training.  It has been with much happiness to both players and parents, a great success. The implemented plan of orchestrated actions from parents, coaches and players worked to outstanding effect.

It is because of this success, that we are so pleased to announce that our Strikers FC Academy family is set to Return-2-Activity.

By knowing and following the protocols and guidelines set forth, we are most certainly up to the task of getting back on the fields.

Knowledge of these working standards is a must. A must for parents, players and coaches.

We have no doubt that our athletes can show the discipline, control, and order that will be needed during the completion of a session.

3V3 League:
June 17-July 29 on Wednesday's
Reduced team size
Staggered practice times 

Recreational Soccer:

Registration Opens: Monday, June 22
Walk-In Registration: Saturday, July 18 10a-1p at Hancock Public Library
Early Bird Registration Ends: Monday, July 20
Registration Closes: Monday, August 3

StrikersFC Academy Return-2-Activity timeline:

Monday and Wednesday training.

June 1,3,8,10,15,17.

6pm to 6:50pm.

Boys: Field 7

Girls: Field 1

Call-Outs the week of June 22 TBA

Please know that all sessions are voluntary.

What protocols?

Please review the attachments. 

These are protocols we must follow in the Return-2-Activity. 

Please stress these to your players and be sure to follow them yourselves. 

Admin will be at the fields, helping support our new training protocols.


Please be aware of the protocols of timing, player release, and player conduct.

Cheat Sheets are provided.

Coaches are required to wear masks. Players are not required to wear masks.

The following link is a good reference

Video of demo training session:

Detailed View of training session timeline...

5:45PM - Players Start to Arrive for 6:00 session

5:55PM - Players are signaled to leave their vehicles (Whistle or Flag)

6:00PM - Training Sessions begin

6:45PM - Training Sessions begin to wrap up

6:50PM - All 6:00 session players are sent to their cars to depart

We look forward to Return-2-Play! 

return to club activites requirements.pdf